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itSMF Czech Republic

For the Czech branch of the international organization itSMF we were given the task of managing their two websites - one for the association and one for the annual conferences. As part of our work, we took care of the proper functioning of the websites, ensuring up-to-date content and security standards, while producing digital and print graphics according to the client's requirements.

Website management itSMF and website maintenance and management of the international IT conference

As part of the website management, we updated the content, edited the functionality and appearance of the template we inherited from the previous administrator and are currently working on a new, unifying template that will better reflect the new and modern trends in web design.

Designing within a brand - print and digital

Although itSMF is an international organisation, they do not have a fixed brand and a unified visual identity. It is then very much up to the individual national chapters how they deal with graphic design. Whether it's printed materials or social media posts, we set up everything based on our client's requirements with the utmost respect for the parent organization's overarching visual identity.

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