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Olomoucane - a municipal campaign

The project behind which the oldest Czech political party stood, decided to participate in the local elections in Olomouc, but with a new look. The CSSD in Olomouc went into the municipal elections under the brand Olomoucane, which brought new challenges and new opportunities to handle the election campaign in the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic.

Context, visual identity and website

Since we didn't get to work on the election campaign until a later stage, we couldn't make any more drastic changes to the logo or the dominant colour. The overall campaign visual was inspired by a successful foreign campaign, but not for the local elections. Here it turns out that the transferability of campaign tactics has its limits.

So we only slightly professionalized the visual identity, modified some visual elements and made a new election website that was faster, more optimized and easier to edit and maintain. Website is still available in the link bellow.

Professionalisation & Strategy Ideas

Our job was to discuss and plan strategies, what topics to emphasize and how to handle them in the most effective way. This also included monitoring competitors and their coverage of each geographic location. We specialised in the professionalisation of visual identity and online communication, as unfortunately there was not enough human and time capital for a contact campaign.

That's how we went from posts like this

To redesigned posts with improved look, yet still accepting the visual identity

Video production

During the campaign for the local elections, we also produced several videos discussing partial program priorities. Among them were support for families and the establishment of dog playgrounds, including the unification of the dog fee, the development of Olomouc science and university cooperation with companies, sports and affordable housing. For some spots we provided the entire production, for some, we only edited the provided materials. Selected clips can be seen below.

spot on the establishment of dog playgrounds and the unification of dog fees

spot promoting intergenerational housing

spot explaining the issue of much needed affordable housing

spot to promote youth sport and revitalise outdoor sports facilities

Results of the campaign

During the campaign, our client faced two aggravating circumstances. The first was the nationwide electoral decline of the Social Democrats in the Czech Republic. They did not defend their position in the Chamber of Deputies in the last parliamentary elections, and election results from parliamentary elections often correspond with election results in second-tier elections, which include local elections. The 2022 local elections confirmed this trend.

The second circumstance that candidates had to deal with was the fact that they went into the election under a new, unfamiliar brand. This brings with it two problematic aspects. The first is that much more resources must be spent on the campaign to ensure voters remember the new brand and form a relationship with it. The other problematic aspect is the perception of the new brand as such - some undecided voters may have felt misled by the fact that the old familiar CSSD was hiding under the new brand. This could then have the same effect on traditional Social Democrat voters, who in turn may have felt betrayed that they did not stick to the party name or simply did not find it on the candidate list.

Party Olomoucane got 49 908 votes, which meant 3,87 % valid votes. In Czech Republic it's needed to get at least 5 % to get a mandate. However, this is, considering the circumstances, a relatively good and acceptable result. Their political ambitions also do not end with one election - they have transformed also into a nonprofit organisation and vigorously continue making Olomouc a better place to live.

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