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Win elections with creativity backed by data

Winning an election often relies on capturing voters‘ attention with strong messages, engaging visuals and understanding voter behavior.

That’s where our team of creative experts comes in. With a solid grasp of political messaging and design, we collaborate with campaigns to create and implement effective strategies.

From striking advertisements to unforgettable logos and branding, our services make political campaigns distinct. We put in the effort to ensure each creative element aligns with our clients‘ unique needs and objectives.


We have our pool of collaborators, who will help your with production of event, video spots and editing.

Strategic Communication

Public and Media Relations

Breaking through today’s 24-hour news cycle is challenging. Our expertise in message development and knowledge of national and regional media across all platforms is essential for our clients. We know how to deliver the right messages to the right audiences for the right results.


Creating a distinctive brand is vital for standing out in a competitive marketplace and navigating media scrutiny. Understanding your unique strengths and value proposition to policymakers, the press, and your audience is essential for campaign success. Our strategists will assist you in defining your identity, demonstrating your position in the competitive landscape, and crafting a memorable brand.

Crisis Communication

Effective crisis communication is crucial for managing and mitigating potential reputational damage during challenging times. Understanding how your organization differs and articulating your response to stakeholders, the media, and the public is key to navigating through crises successfully. Our team specializes in guiding you through crisis scenarios, helping you define your organizational stance, communicate effectively with all stakeholders, and uphold your reputation in times of uncertainty.

Scenario Planning and Execution

Being ready for any situation is crucial when dealing with a potential crisis. We help our clients spot issues before they occur, ensuring you can respond effectively to anything that comes up. Together, we plan for various scenarios and develop strategies to handle each one, including setting up protocols, choosing spokespeople, and preparing messages.

Reputation and Brand Management

We will work with you to create a strategy that upholds and enhances your brand’s integrity during a crisis. Protecting your reputation involves more than just reacting — it means being ready to respond with a powerful message. Our team will prepare you for any scenario, from internal communication to challenging interviews on major news networks. We’ll develop strategies and craft messages that reflect your organization’s values.

Political Consulting

Message development and campaign advice

Our team of experienced professionals collaborates with you to understand your specific needs and create tailored messages that clearly convey your value to your target audience. We use proven methods to identify the key messages and channels that will help you reach your goals and differentiate yourself from competitors. Additionally, we provide overall campaign guidance to help you navigate the complexities of modern political and corporate communication. Our experts will work with you to develop and execute comprehensive strategies, covering everything from messaging and branding to advertising and social media.

Media training and speech writing

Whether you’re a CEO, politician, or public figure, communicating effectively is essential for shaping public opinion and reaching your goals. Our media training services are personalized to meet your needs, covering a range of situations such as on-camera interviews, crisis communications, and public speaking. Our experienced team will guide you in developing the skills and techniques needed to communicate your message with confidence, clarity and moreover – authenticity. We’ll find the right soundbites tailored to your personality.

Help building your campaign team and plan

We provide comprehensive campaign planning guidance, from team building and identifying key stakeholders to creating detailed action plans and timelines. Our experts help you fill crucial positions, recruit top talent, and develop a team capable of executing your campaign strategy. A successful campaign requires more than a great idea; it needs careful planning, execution, and a dedicated team. With our support, you’ll create a winning campaign that captures your target audience’s attention and achieves your objectives.



Microsites play a pivotal role in targeted marketing campaigns, offering focused content tailored to specific audiences or products. They serve as dedicated hubs that highlight unique features, promotions, or events, distinct from the main website. Our approach involves designing and developing microsites that not only attract and engage visitors but also reinforce brand messaging effectively. Whether it’s launching new products, promoting special initiatives, or enhancing customer experiences, our team ensures each microsite aligns seamlessly with your overall digital strategy, maximizing impact and engagement.

Complex Web Solutions

Complex web solutions are essential for businesses that require highly customized and integrated digital platforms to meet specific operational needs. These solutions go beyond standard websites, incorporating intricate functionalities such as e-commerce systems, customer portals, data management tools, and more. Our expertise lies in crafting comprehensive web solutions that streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and support business growth. We work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, develop scalable architectures, and implement robust solutions that drive efficiency and innovation across their digital ecosystem. Whether optimizing workflows, integrating diverse systems, or deploying advanced analytics, our approach ensures that every aspect of your complex web solution is tailored to deliver measurable results and sustainable success.

Together we make a difference.

MKMV brings top strategic communications experience to companies, non-profits and political parties and candidates.

We focus on the intersection of media, politics, and policy at MKMV advisory group. Whether you need strategic communication advice for crisis management, brand protection, issue advocacy, or election success, our team is here to help.

We thrive in this fast-paced environment, constantly taking on new challenges. With our extensive network of external experts, we ensure you receive top-notch guidance and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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